Mycelium Sona Biotech Pvt. Ltd. - A New Biotechnological Research and Manufacturing Venture.

Mycelium Sona Biotech (MSB) Private Limited is a new biotechnological research and manufacturing venture of The Sona Group. Mycelium Biotech Services PTY Ltd, an Australia-registered biotechnology industry, joined hands with The Sona Group to set its market in India. Mycelium Sona Biotech Private Limited is the stakeholder for the Australian company in India to manufacture and distribute the products. MSB is in its initial stage that would be soon available to the market with mushroom biotech products.

MSB is aimed to satisfy the increasing demands in food security and alternate protein sources for meat with rare mushrooms. MSB engages to create medical mushrooms and their by-products for rich protein sources. These protein sources are on par with the meat-based proteins that have huge scope in the Indian market. Some of the products to be launched from MSB include Mushroom based meat replacements, Mushroom sweetener, Mushroom Coffee, biohacking kits, Mushroom sleep supplement strips, Mushroom liquid extract, and Mushroom supplement capsules.

The Chairman of The Sona Group, Mr. C. Valliappa, and the Vice-Chairman, Mr. Chocko Valliappa set the new venture in motion with a pooja.